Support for organizations

I provide 1 to1 counselling and psychotherapy sessions for staff members on a one-off or ongoing basis. 

I also facilitate team-building in the workplace and in retreats and in-house counselling, support and consultancy. 

I offer on-site in-person and live remote workshops on topics such as: 

Fundamentals of Well-being

Understanding Mental Health

Counselling Skills in the workplace

Unconscious bias

Equality and diversity

Improving Customer Service

Flexibility in working

Personal self-esteem

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Guidelines for workshops and consultancy


1-day In-person / consultancy rates in your organization: from £700 plus VAT and travel

In-person at external training venues and live online: from £200 per participant / learner

Online course: from £180 per learner

At the end of workshops and following engagement in the activities, participants will receive a Certificate of Participation in the workshop. A Certificate of Attendance is issued at the end of the self-directed online course. 

Research* has found that bad managers are the top reason why people leave their jobs. With the skills learned and applied by counsellors world-wide, the Core Counselling Skills for Managers course will show you how to become a better manager. By your conversations, you will promote wellbeing at work, improve working conditions for your staff and promote positive mental health in your organization.

2 colleagues sitting down having a conversation with one of them speaking and the other listening intently in a supportive way

Some leadership styles breed a toxic workplace and a challenging atmosphere. Employees become anxious, accident prone, and guarded, allowing things to go wrong unchecked. In this kind of work environment, it is no surprise that organizations find it impossible to retain skilled and committed staff, leaving behind the unenthusiastic and uninspired. This travels externally giving the company the reputation of being an undesirable company to work for. As a manager, you will in turn develop stresses, gain a poor work-life balance from being unable to switch off from work, lacking trust in your employees and worsening your own mental health. This recycles the toxic environment that has been created in the workplace.



Why is it important to have counselling skills?

According to recent studies, a vast majority of managers expressed not having adequate training to have supportive workplace conversations. Employees and managers alike already feel hesitant in talking about their mental health in the workplace, quite different from physical health. People are usually quite open to discussing their aches and pains and the complex hospital treatments they have undergone. This is different from discussing mental and emotional health. The stigma still remains.


To stop the situation from deteriorating and to prevent it from starting in the first instance, every manager needs the basic tools for having respectful and supportive conversations. Healthy management involves having strong communication skills, good listening skills and being motivating and encouraging. It also requires caring about what matters to your staff, your authenticity and congruence, having the ability to connect with your team members and knowing how to offer support. These managerial skills help employees develop commitment to the team, trust in their management and aim for better performance. A counselling skill tailored for work settings is necessary to achieving this.

Counselling skills can be learned and applied to all workplace dialogues and discussions. They help when having difficult conversations, supporting staff during adverse life circumstances and enhancing wellbeing in your organization. The modules in this course teach the importance of building rapport, the skills needed to offer empathy, develop listening skills, know when to talk about yourself, learn the importance of questions and when to use them, the use of summaries, how to determine priority, the best ways to give feedback and ways of offering a challenge.


These new competencies will help you retain staff and attract good quality employees as you establish a positive work environment and hold the position of being a good place for people to work.


Managers are in prime position to make or break their employees’ mental health. The way you relate with your team holds the possibility of improving their wellbeing at work or damaging it. Whether you are new to management or a leader who has had trouble communicating effectively with staff with a leadership style previously described as harsh, unreasonable or inflexible, this short core counselling skills course will transform the way you work as a manager. This course will teach you a new way to relate to your staff and to communicate in a way that supports them and help them feel valued.


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Core Counselling Skills for Managers

*Check out the LinkedIn article '#1 reason why people quit'

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