Affordable Counselling in Stourbridge, West Midlands

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Sessions begin September 2023

Welcome to our low-cost counselling information page. 

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The affordable counselling service offers you the space to meet with a counsellor weekly, in a private practice setting, at a lower fee than general private services. This service is delivered by counsellors who are on their way to completing their counselling, psychotherapy or psychologist training or are in the process of becoming registered or accredited by one of the leading membership bodies in the UK (UKCP or BACP).

This service can be helpful if you are unable to access therapy at the market rate due to being on a low income, if you rely on state benefits or if longer-term therapy is inaccessible to you due to costs.

Our counsellors are trained in counselling and psychotherapeutic skills and able to work with you both long-term and short-term on various emotional and life difficulties. They offer a supportive and confidential space and their work with you is supported by a professional mentor, a clinical supervisor, and a university personal tutor. We work with only therapists who have a mature outlook and have been certified by their university or training provider as having the skills to provide you psychotherapeutic counselling, through their confidentiality, ability to display empathy and work non-judgementally. 

Your counsellor will help you feel heard and support you in exploring the difficulties you bring as you aim to move forward. All our counsellors undergo weekly psychotherapy themselves.

They can support you with common mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression and emotional and life difficulties such as:

Stress | Panic attacks | Recent physical health diagnosis | Issues with fertility or parenthood | Bereavement, loss or grief | Relationship problems | Overwhelm | Loneliness | Work-related problems | Low self-esteem | Anger | Sexuality or sexual identity | Sadness, unhappiness or dissatisfaction | Traumatic experiences | Confusion or stuckness | Guilt or regret.

Your counsellor can help you even if you do not have urgent problems. They can help you improve your mental health and wellbeing as well as help you reflect on your life circumstances and identify the common patterns in your experiences. They can also help you when you are at cross-roads and need support in making important decisions.

Talking to someone about difficult feelings can be very healing. Sometimes, it is hard to discuss these issues with family or friends because of their bias, possible judgements or their own emotional reactions. Counselling involves a trained professional taking the time to listen to you and helping you feel heard. 

Your sessions are confidential and the limits to the confidentiality will be stated in your contract and explained to you during your initial session with your counsellor.

Sessions are open-ended.

Your counsellor will see you for 50 minutes in-person in our office in Stourbridge at the same time every week. All sessions they hold with you will be recorded by them for their assessment and their clinical supervision. 

Fees for affordable counselling service

£25 per session if unemployed.

£30 per session if employed.

All fees are payable 48hour in advance by BACS.

Next steps

When we receive your message via our contact page, we will get in touch with you to arrange your free 15-minute consultation. The psychotherapist in charge of the service will contact you at the agreed time by phone to discuss your needs, how the service works, to answer any questions you may have and plan a way forward (and possible a start date). You will then be sent a contract and a short-assessment form followed by access details. 

Your allocated therapist will work with you for the duration of your counselling sessions. 

Limits of the low-cost service

You cannot use this service if: 

- You need therapy as part of your own counselling or psychotherapy training

- You have a psychiatric diagnosis or complex mental health issues 

- You are unable to keep yourself safe mentally or physically

- You have active thoughts of ending your life, harming yourself or harming others

- You need bi-weekly sessions (all sessions are weekly)

Please see the other psychotherapy services offered by Simi Sara.

To begin, contact us and we will get in touch with you to arrange a phone call. 

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